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Why Cherry?

Cherry is a payment plan service that specializes in financing health, beauty, and wellness procedures for patients. It allows patients to make monthly payments for their healthcare expenses, making it easier to manage their finances and pay for necessary procedures over time.

High approval rates: Cherry financing offers high approval rates, which means that more patients can receive the care they need, even if they may not have the upfront funds to pay for it.

  1. Low costs: Cherry financing offers competitive interest rates and no hidden fees, making it an affordable financing option for patients and medical providers alike.

  2. Seamless experience: The application process for Cherry financing is quick and easy, with most approvals made within minutes. This helps streamline the financing process and allows medical providers to focus on providing high-quality care to their patients.

By offering a “buy now, pay later“ financing solution with high approvals, low costs, and a seamless experience, Cherry financing can help medical providers treat more patients and expand their patient base. Additionally, patients can benefit from the convenience and affordability of Cherry financing, making it a win-win for both medical providers and patients alike.



Customer Support: (888) 839-7171

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